Fishing in Viren

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The fishing area of lake Viren consists of several lakes from lake Veden in the north to the floodgates at Korrö in the south. In total more than 700 hectare of fishing water. There are open spaces suitable for spin fishing and calm stretches of river and coves for the peaceful angling.

Korrö Vandrarhem, and as posted along the lake. See map at Viren's webpage

Pike, perch, common bream, tench, roach

Hand-held. Trolling (2 rods)

Boat to rent
Korrö 0470-342 49
Also with electricity and gasoline motor

Boat ramp in northern Viren at the bridge in Hammarsnäs.
Comfortable fishing from several docks
Fishing licence also covers lake Veden, parts of Ronnebyån north of Korrö, Skogsrydssjön and lake Kalven.

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