Fishing at Älften

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Älften is a lake that belongs to the fishingwaters of Ronnebyån

Krokfjorden, Sandsjön, Vikholmen, Älften, Tinkeltum

Korrö Vandrarhem, Cykel&Motor Konga, Carlssons Trävaru AB Bro, Vapentjänst Holmahult, Rör o Smide Fagerfors, Riverside Fagerfors, Bilisten Konga, Strömmagården Strömmarna

Pike, perch, pike-perch/walleye, brown
trout, common bream (also big samples), roach, tench

Hand-held, ice/jig fishing

Boat to rent in Älften: Vapentjänst Holmahult 0477 - 163 74.
Boat to rent in Ronnebyån:
Korrö Vandrarhem, Göte Rönn Deralycke, Vapentjänst Holmahult, Strömmagården Strömmarna, Riverside Fagerfors

Pike-perch/walleye and trout allowed only March 1 through September 30. Depth chart available for sale. Comfortable fishing from the shore and from a dock

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